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Services We Offer

At Aqua Terra we are happy to provide our expertise in landscaping to work with you on turning your vision into a reality. We specialize in making your landscape into anything you can imagine. Aqua Terra’s experienced design team is able to make your piece of this desert into anything from the tropics to the Mediterranean. We also pride ourselves in our drought tolerant designs, which define the desert’s natural beauty and provide you with a cost efficient, water- friendly landscape. For the growing number of southern Nevada families we are experienced in creating children’s gardens, and play zones with safety in mind. Aqua Terra is a true full service landscape company. We offer multiple packages for maintaining your project done by us, or previously done, to ensure its health and maturity. Maintenance packages vary from one-time cleanups or fertilizations; to weekly trimming, mowing, weeding and more. We customize each client’s services to individually meet your needs, as well as altering our care for each season’s differences. We will form a plan to keep your lawn, garden, and shrubs growing strong all year long. All landscapes are not the same, and require different facets in care for a long healthy life, Aqua Terra treats each one accordingly.

Aqua Terra is considered a full service Las Vegas landscaping company because we offer design, installation, and maintenance for your landscape project as well as reliable pool services and repair. Our expertly trained staff is also available to offer you a variety of pool repairs, upkeep, and specialized services which can be combined with our landscape services and packages. Why should you pay to have one company maintain your landscape, and another maintain your pool meanwhile either is very good at each? We are able to offer the best service at the best prices thanks to our extensive training programs, and our family-run management team. We are happy to help clients with a one-time repair to their pool or spa, weekly pool maintenance, or anything in between. Aqua Terra offers the most professional repairs and maintenance in the business. We do not fix anything temporarily and use only new, quality parts. We are not just the most convenient choice, we are the best choice for all of your landscape and pool needs.

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly & monthly maintenance
  • One time clean-ups
  • Irrigation
  • Power washing
  • New landscapes
  • Customized Landscape Design
  • Desert landscapes
  • Tropical landscapes
  • New landscape construction
  • Sod removal
  • Existing landscape remodel

Las Vegas Pool Services

  • Weekly and maintenance
  • Acid washing
  • Black algae control
  • Repairs
  • Power washing
  • proper chemical balancing
  • Complete inspection of pool & equipment
  • Salt pool maintenance
  • Filter cleaning

If you’re in need of something that’s not on our list just let us know and if we’re unable to do it then we have great partners in the Las Vegas Landscaping area that will be able to fulfill your needs. The most important part is to pick up the phone and ask for a free landscaping quote and we’re sure not only will you be satisfied with the price, you will be a life long customer of the “Premiere Las Vegas Landscape Maintenance Company”!